Breaking News! About The Titanic

By: Trista Greife

What Happened To The Ship?

The ship was on her way to New York harbor with 2,205 people aboard. Most people on the titanic thought that it was the unsinkable ship. The titanic was built by Harland and Wolf in Belfast ,Ireland. this ship was one of the largest ships.

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April 14th 1912 The Day Of The Disaster

What sounds to me is that the titanic tried moving away from the iceberg but it took no time for them to hit the iceberg. When I went to the boat dock the other sailors that saw them and ignored them said that it had just hit the iceberg when they were there. They said that six of the watertight compartments were filled with water that was why that part of the ship was in the water. We will learn more when they find the lifeboats and comeback in a couple of days.

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April 18th The Day The Carpathia Arrived In New York

I got a phone call from the captain of the carpathia they would be here soon. So I got in my car and drove over there to get pictures of the scene when they came in. The people of the titanic that survived came off the ship so excited to see their family members. But the ones that did not survive their family or friends were crying. Only 705 people survived and the rest died.

Who Died On The Titanic?

Captain Edward J Smith was the captain and he went down with the ship. The band on the ship went down also. The american millionaire John Jacob Astor did not survive the ship. A lot more people died but we do not know all there names therefor they lived all around the world.

Words From Some Of The Survivors

Hooray they survived. "My daughter Millvina Dean is sick with pneumonia so we were on our way to New York then we struck that iceberg."Said Ms Dean. Madeline Force told me " I was 5 months pregnant when i boarded as the 1st class passenger I was so sad when i did not find my husband.'

5 Months After The Disaster

Some people died from the diseases they had and others are still alive. Millvina Dean is still alive and fought off the Pneumonia. Madeline Astor had her baby and it has been 5 months after the disaster. Some people don't know their friends were on the titanic. No one talks about the titanic anymore because they don't want to be reminded about it.