Tech Tuesday with Jim

An instructional technology tidbit each Tuesday!

Episode 5: NaturalReader

Highlight text in Word, websites, emails, PDFs, etc. and have it read out loud to you. You can even change the speaking speed! This is a must-have tool for all educators.

Episode 4: Online Dictation

How much better does it get being able to speak into your computer and have your words turned into text?! Use Chrome and you're ready to go.

Episode 3: Selfie Stick

Get everyone in the photo! See how a selfie stick works and some ways you can use it in your classroom.

Episode 2: Speak

Have your Word documents read out loud to you and your students. Speak is already included in Word; all you need to do is make it functional. Enjoy expanding the possibilities of Word.

Episode 1: Epic

Epic is this week's Tech Tuesday with Jim topic of conversation. It is a reading site for ages 4-12 or so. Educators can create a free account.