By Ernesto & Armando


Country's Name:France

Capital (s):Paris

Major Languages:French


Population:66.03 million

Top 3 Major Cities

Number three would be Lyon. Number two would be Marseilles.Number one would be Paris.


The Average Temperature is about 50.7 Farenheit.


Food: France eats about everything because they're meat lovers, vegetarians, and other people prefer salty or sweet food.

Top 3+ Holidays: The top three are Easter,New Years Day,and WWII Victory Day.

Major Sports: France's major sport is Rugby,Football,Cycling,and Tennis.

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Interesting Facts

Native Animals:There is a animal called a Raccoon Dog.Also a animal called a Fire Salamander.There is also an animal called The Alpine Ibex.

The Meaning of The Flag:Blue and Red means the Virgin Mary

Unusual Laws: In France, you can legally marry a dead person as long as preliminary civic formalities have been completed which show that you and your fiancee had planned to marry before your fiancee died.

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