Electromagnetism Photo Essay

By Kayla Martin and Sammi Woods

Micheal Faraday

Michael’s main focus of his research was on electricity. He experimented with the ideas of force which enabled him to make imperative discoveries about electricity.

He discovered the electromagnetic induction/ rotations, magneto-optical effect, and diamagnetism.

In 1821 he was experimenting with electromagnetism and by signifying the conversion of electrical energy into motive force, he devised the electric motor. The next few years he continued conducting experiments from his initial electromagnetic discovery.

In 1831 he also discovered the “induction ring”, which is the induction of electric currents and constructed the first electric dynamo. 1839 he conducted several experiments to determine the fundamental nature of electricity and established that electrostatic force consists of a field of curved lines of forces and conceived a specific inductive capacity.

He managed to do significant work in electrochemistry, stating the First and Second Laws of Electrolysis. He pretty much laid the basis of electrochemistry and his experiments led to many modern industries like the electric motor, generators, and transformers.


Humans use electromagnetism to improve their lives by using the television. When you plug the TV in, the back of the TV produces electrons from the electric force, which are then accelerated by electricity, then from this there are magnetic fields in the TV which change the direction of the electrons, making them light up and produce images on your TV.

Hair Dryer

People use hair dryers in their everyday routines, to help them get ready for their day faster. When you plug a hair dryer into an outlet, electricity is ran through wires which then drives the electromagnet motor to turn the fan to blow out air, and electricity helps the blow dryer induct heat to dry your hair.

Computer Charger

Humans use computer charges almost everyday for their computers. When you plug the charger into an outlet, electricity is ran through wires to for an electric field that can help push a current through the cell in the opposite direction of the discharge current.


People enjoy having luxurious things in life, and one of those things is a radio. When you plug a radio in, electricity turns it on which then signals an antenna, which then transports back to a radio tower through magnetic force which then produces music that the radio station is playing.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are used to improve humans lives by igniting the fuel and push the cylinder back. For this to happen it forces electricity to arc across a gap, electricity is very high voltage in order to travel across the gap, and creates a good spark to start the motor.