About Ukraine

Ukraine is located in southern Europe with many different amazing foods, holidays, and famous people. It is a wonderful place to go to if you are trying to find a fun vacation. It has amazing tourist attractions like the Carpathian mountains and Kiev-Pechersk and many others. With the Black Sea just south of Ukraine, you can go swimming, fishing and scuba diving.


Being aware of the climate in Ukraine is important if you are planning to go here. Temperatures could rise or drop, or out of no where a rain storm could occur.

*Summer-July is the warmest month. Dry but warm with temperatures reaching to a high of about 25-35 degrees Celsius. Rain often falls with sometimes heavy thunderstorms, but mostly along the coast of the Black sea and dryer in the inland. Average precipitation is 40-60 centimeters every year so be prepared and bring your raincoats and umbrellas

*Winter- January is the coldest month in winter here. It can drop to 0 degrees Celsius but can get a lot colder and can drop to -20 degrees Celsius but not much lower than that. Wearing a heavy amount of clothes is very helpful here in winter.


There are many different holidays in Ukraine. Three of their major holidays would be New years, Orthodox Christmas, and Kiev Day.

  • New Years- January 1st- New Years is one of the most favorite holidays in Ukraine. It is a little different from how we celebrate it but it all starts with a party until midnight lighting fireworks and having fun with friends. For the kids, it is like a second Christmas. They get out there New Years tree and presents are left under the tree for the kids at night. They then get to open them in the morning of the first of January.

  • Orthodox Christmas- January 7th-14th- Orthodox Christmas or Christmas day during this week people go from house to house singing songs and wishing good wishes and having a good time. If you were sung to, in exchange you would have to give them sweets or some type of gift to show appreciation.

  • Kiev Day- May 29th- This day is a day to celebrate the capitols founding. This capital was created in 1982They do fashion shows, firework displays, open-air concerts, street and outdoor performances by by various entertainers, and lots more.

Famous People

  • Joseph Conrad was remembered for his novels. He wrote Heart of darkness, Almayer's Folly, Lord Jim, Nostromo, The Secret Agent, and lots more. He was friends with another famous writer by the name of John Galsworthy which helped him succeed in his career.
  • Viktor Yushchenko was the Prime Minister of Ukraine. He won against 2 other people that were running for prime minister. Continuing this he soon lost his popularity and plummeted out of the business.
  • Igor Sikorsky built the first four-engine plane in 1913 and would soon build the first working helicopter that would be tested in 1939.

Major Cities

  • Kiev-2,797,553
  • Kharkiv-1,430,885
  • Dnipropetrovsk-1,032,822
  • Donetsk-1,024,700
  • Odesa-1,001,558


Type of Government- Republic

Ukraine's leader is a Prime minister

Economy- They have some money but they also owe a lot to different countries and places around the world.

Popular Foods in Ukraine

  • Borshch-Made mostly out of beet root.
  • Varenyky-Dumplings with mashed potato stuffing
  • Paska- Sweet egg bread