Come To Con


What Will be There

We will have loads of games, consoles, and other things to try for early access. We will also have signings for games and things from Game Creators, Youtubers', and other people. There will be shops to buy different game related items. Ticket Prices will be posted on our main website.

Video Game Con

Saturday, July 11th, 1pm

123 Spring Valley Winston-Salem, NC 27401

We will be holding it in a Big Warehouse to have enough room. We hope you have a good time.

Our Main Events


1:00-Ticket Checking

1:15-Group Gathering For Info

2:00-Booths and Game Areas set up

3:00-Food and Concession stand Open

4:00-More announcements for Major Game Company Products

6:00-Signature Booths Set

7:00-Party Starts in Major Room


We are GameCenter

The Place to buy, play, and sell you games. We hope you will decide to come and visit our store in many locations, just visit our website for more information.