Lewis and Clark Expedition

Important people and who they met along the way.

Starting off.

The expedition started in St. Louis with Lewis, Clark and 10 other men. Together they make the corps of discovery.

The indians they first met.

August 3rd 1804 the corps holds a council with the Oto and Missouri indians to discuss what trade and travel will be like on their journey. August 30th 1804 the corps meets with the Yankton Sioux indians. September 25th 1804 the corps has an intense encounter with the Teton Sioux indians but conflict is stopped when the chief arrives.

The next tribes include

The Mandan tribe in Jan 1805 where the corps attended a buffalo dance to give them good luck that hunting season This is also where the corps meets Sacagawea. On February 11th Sacagawea has her son nicknamed by clark as Pompy. They also meet the Shoshone tribe and Sacagawea sees her long lost brother Cameahwait.

Harder road ahead.

The corps now has to cross the rocky mountains. Luckily the Shoshone tribe gave them horses and mule to get them there. But they still keep meeting people on the way like, The Nez Perce indians who gave them food after they got through the rocky mountains on Sep 23rd 1805. Or the Clatsop indians where the corps made their winter camp after they reached the pacific.