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22-23 Volume 5 August 26, 2022

Artemis 1 Launch

On Monday morning, August 29, history will be made as Artemis 1 launches from the Space Coast. This launch is ground-breaking for space exploration. With this launch comes some logistics to consider. Please make sure that you give yourself plenty of time Monday getting to school. Traffic is expected to be very heavy for both arrival and dismissal. Please be careful when navigating the roads. If you plan to keep your child home, please send an email to his/her teacher letting them know. If you let us know in writing that your child will be absent, this will be considered an excused absence. Our teachers have plans to watch the launch from Surfside, and look forward to sharing this experience with our students.
NASA launch Family information

Technology Reminders

If your student has a cell phone on campus, please make sure that you have signed a Cell Phone Contract for them. In addition, we ask that all phones be powered off and stored in backpacks during the day.

More and more students are coming to school with smart watches. Watches that take photos/videos, text and make phone calls should also be powered down and stored away in backpacks. These would be considered a cell phone and a contract should be completed for these as well.

Anyone not adhering to the procedures will be asked not to bring technology to school, and disciplinary action may be taken. Thank you for your support with this.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast will be free again this year for all students. Lunch will not be free to everyone. If you are in need of assistance paying for lunches, please fill out a Free and Reduced Lunch Application on the BPS website. If you need assistance, please call 321-633-1000, ext. 11642.

If your child will be buying lunch, please make sure they have money in their account by visiting You will need your child’s student ID in order to sign up for an account. If you need this, you can find it in FOCUS.

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Inclement Weather Plans

If it is raining but there is no lightning, students will be released like normal. We encourage students who walk or bike home to have rain gear in their backpacks. If there is severe weather in the area, or lightning, we will call an Inclement Weather Dismissal. This will be communicated to parents via email and text using Blackboard Connect. When Inclement Weather is called, there are only three options for dismissing students, hold for up to 30 minutes, car loop or Brevard After School.

Please note that we will stop checking students out fifteen minutes prior to dismissal. Monday through Thursday this will be 2:30 and on Fridays that will be 1:15. This is a routine practice and will continue on Inclement Weather Days. For the safety of staff and students, parents must remain in their vehicles when going through the car loop. Please do not walk up to the car loop.

Additionally, when lightning is close to the school, we follow the BPS lightning policy. Students will be held in classrooms until it is safe to release them. Please remain patient with us if this happens. Safety is our first priority. Once it is safe to resume activity outside, the car loop will run like normal and walkers/bikers will be released.

If you did not fill out an Inclement Weather Form at Meet and Greet, please contact your child's teacher to fill on out ASAP. Please take a photo of the form. It is easy to forget what you filled out midway through the year.

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Parent Volunteers - Don't wait!

Please use the link below on how to register as a school volunteer. This process is required for volunteering on campus, in the classroom, for special events, and for field trips. Additional information will be posted on this site.

If you are volunteering on campus, you MUST have a prior appointment set up with your child's teacher. This process can take a few weeks, so please plan accordingly.

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Dress Code Reminders

Please make sure that your student is dressed for success each day. This includes sneakers or closed-toe shoes, shorts and shirts that are an appropriate length. Short shorts, flip flops and crop tops will not be permitted. Click HERE for full information on the Brevard Public Schools student dress code.


Interested in Being a Business Partner?

We are looking for businesses to partner with us for the 2022-2023 school year. Our hope is to extend our network within the community and foster relationships with organizations in order to best serve our students. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Coach Lyons at
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Important Dates

August 29 - Artemis Launch - Expect traffic delays

September 5 - Labor Day - No School

September 9 - Picture Day

PTO Corner

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PTO Newsletter

Click here to access the latest PTO newsletter.

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Now Hiring

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Surfside Elementary School

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Surfside Elementary School provides a safe and positive environment where high quality education occurs for all students.