Horse Handling & Grooming


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Author's Purpose

The author's purpose in Horse Handling & Grooming by Cherry Hill is teaching horse-lovers of all ages different tips, tricks, and techniques on handling and grooming horses and ponies. Cherry Hill teaches the reader about different brushes and what they do, for example on page 62 in chapter 7 "Then use your stiff bristled dandy brush to remove loose hair, dirt, and scurf from the horses coat.". She also gave tips and tricks about caring for the mane, for example on page 120 in chapter 10 " wear a pair of old leather gloves, the detangling product will build up and make a glassy coating one the gloves that will help your fingers slip through the mane more easily.". These examples explain the author's purpose because the first example explains her teaching a technique and the second explains her giving a tip/trick which are the three things she teaches in this book. In conclusion the author's purpose is to teach horse lovers of all ages tips, tricks, and techniques on handling & grooming horses and ponies.
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Brush Chart

These are the main brushes that most horse lovers own and use.
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Grooming Example

This is an example of a horse getting groomed with a soft bristled brush.