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Parts of a plant and it's functions?

Roots act like a straw for the plant and and so the plant stays in the soil and stores extra food and water for the plant

Stem soports the plant and conduct the water and food from the roots to the other parts of a plant

True leaves are to capture sun light to make food for the plant so the plant can have food

Seed leaves are seedlings develops in to a mature plant leaves form and citricll to keep the plant alive

Petals make the flower attractive to pollinator and make the flower pretty

Stamen is a small part that conects to the pollen

Pistil is apart that conects to the stigma which keeps the petals on the flower.

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The life cycle of a plant?





And some have fruit


Gets older




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Stages of a plant?

Birth: germination just planted

Growth and development: sprouting and growing

Reproduction: the seeds fall off and make new plants

Death: the leaves get old and die

What is photosynthesis?

Well it eats sunlight and turnes it in to energy and makes oxygen for people to breath
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Fun fact about a convolvulus