The Holocaust

War World II

Barracks No. 6 Auschwitz.

Solomon Radasky was fortunate to be housed in Barracks 6 in Auschwitz I, the original Polish labor exchange and Polish Army Barracks. Conditions in Auschwitz I was superior to the vast camp. Many of the brick barracks of Auschwitz I were originally single-story buildings, and they were given a second story and a spacious attic to accommodate an early expansion of the camp.


My View Of HoloCaust.

Overview-Hitler Was Trying To Take Over The World.

Concentration Camp- It Was Wrong And Sad Nobody Should Be Treated Like That If You Got Up After Dark You Would Be Shot.

Anti-Semitism-discrimination against prejudice, hostility toward Jews.

Ghettos- They Took The Jews Out Of Their Homes And Made Them Slaves And Treated Them Badly.

Holocaust documentary