Where is Middle Earth?

Obviously... It's Switzerland!!!

About Switzerland

Switzerland is located in Middle Western Europe. About 30% of the country is covered with plains and hills, and the southern half is covered in mountains, the Alps to be specific. An older chain of mountains, called the Jura Mountains cover a small amount of the northern part of the country. There are also many bodies of waters, including lakes and rivers. The main languages of Switzerland is Romansh, Italian, German, and French. Because of Switzerland's wide range of languages, its culture is more diverse. "Switzerland is a fascinating melting pot in the heart of Europe where many different people, languages, and religious beliefs co-exist." Swiss culture includes music, dance, poetry, wood carving, embroidery, architecture, and literature.

What Makes Switzerland So Special?

A German city in Switzerland, Gstaad--they mostly speak German--is a fair-sized town. Gstaad is a town, located in Midwestern Switzerland. I would be call it a village if it wasn't so modern because I sometimes picture villages as the type of place with a village house that Snow White used to live in when she was hiding from her evil stepmother. In the book, there are villages filled with dwarves or elves. After that, there would be a few miles of forest to walk through, and then you would reach the mountains. You would also be able to see the mountains from many miles away. The area before the village is also covered with forests (because of the alpine area) and plains. The plains would be a nice place for the hobbit holes to be, and there's a good chance that they are out of the mountains' view. I would imagine the story taking place in Gstaad (as where the Misty Mountains began) to Berne (where the hobbit holes are) because of the landscape and the town/village. Berne is located north 52 miles of Gstaad. If there weren't any buildings, the land would have been greener and there would have been a plain with some hills. I also think that the village represents the elves' village and how most of the population of the village consisted of elves because even though the village is in a diverse world--Switzerland--it consists of people that speak the same language.

Why Switzerland?

Want to Know More About Switzerland?

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I don't agree... 😒

Some people may disagree and say that Switzerland doesn't have enough forests and that it's too small. In reality, Switzerland is larger than Transylvania, Romania, which is another place where people understand Middle Earth is. Also, forests in Switzerland cover about 32% of the overall land, which is a significant amount, considering its size.
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From the forests of Switzerland, to the Swiss Alps, to just the beautiful scenery overall, Switzerland is the best place for Middle Earth to be. It has many plains, as well as the overly aforementioned mountains and forests.

In conclusion...

In conclusion, the areas Berne, Switzerland, being where Bilbo's hobbit hole is, and Gstaad, Switzerland, which is where the Misty Mountains begin is the best place for Middle Earth to be. It is a diverse country, with many diverse people in it. Switzerland exceeds all of the physical requirements, which is mountains, water, forests, a place for hobbit holes, and villages.