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About is the leading supplier of health, safety and hygiene products. Based in Ireland with an experience of over two decades in sourcing and providing quality reliable products, Safety Direct also has its online store, thus facilitating its buyers. The online store has over 15,000 products sourced from the leading industry manufacturers. The website of Safety Direct is made with ease of usage priority.

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A Leading Online Shopping Store supplying a new product of General Purpose Knitted gloves in Ireland. Knitted Gloves are garments for protecting the hands. They have separate casings for each finger and cover the hand till the wrist or even the elbows. Gloves made of wool are known as knitted gloves. Safety Direct provides you with Knitted Gloves for the protection of your hand.

You can get a variety of Knitted Gloves and liners at Safety Direct. They have a range of branded gloves from trusted names such as North, Dependable and Superior. The gloves and glove accessories are for general use. They are comfortable to wear, provide a good fit and are available in various sizes. To buy a pair, go through the collection online.

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