The Blue Room

Floral Arrangement - Garrett Longhofer

Facts About the Blue Room of the White House

  1. On June 2, 1886, President Grover Cleveland got married in this room.
  2. The design of the room is of French influence.
  3. It use to be the main reception room for gatherings in the White House.
  4. It is very similar in shape to the Oval Office.
  5. It was completely disassembled and rebuilt during the Truman Administration
  6. The Kennedys brought back many original furnishings to the room.
  7. The windows look out to face the South Lawn.
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  1. wet floral foam
  2. floral knife
  3. vase
  4. bag to tie around vase
  5. water
  6. floral preservative
  7. yellow roses - mass
  8. iris - form
  9. steel grass - line
  10. statice - filler
  11. lily (oriental) - mass/line
  12. floral wire
  13. ribbon
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Types of Flowers

  1. steel grass - line
  2. yellow rose - mass
  3. iris - form
  4. white lily (oriental) - mass/line
  5. yellow lily - mass/line
  6. statice - filler


The style of this arrangement is a cross between American Federal and Colonial Williamsburg. It has the bulk of the American Federal style, but in the back, you can see the fan-shape. That is the little bit of Colonial Williamsburg.