FOR RENT: Useful Green Cloak&Hood

Ideal for Adventures and the Reluctant Hero

For loan to potential adventurers

Timid to set off on your quest? Forgot to bring the necessary supplies to travel with? No need to worry. This time-tested garb will guide you through the inhabited lands and beyond. Simply put on this hardy garment and you will find yourself capable of things you never imagined, from pony riding to mountain climbing. Even a hobbit, of all beings, would feel brave after donning the thick, durable, and beautiful dark green fabric of this cloak.
"Had I not put on this cloak, I would still be at home at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing..." --Bilbo Baggins, previous renter.

Contact Dwalin the dwarf for more details and adventuring opportunities.

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