Day 4: Our time has come to an end

So long, farewell

Free Gift!

Yesterday I said I would send out a free gift to whoever ordered first! That lucky lady has claimed her prize and will receive it soon!

We still have a bit more to talk about today...let's get started!

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Jamberry's monthly StyleBox subscription!

For $25 (plus FREE SHIPPING!) you get two exclusive products (either wrap or lacquer), style card, file, and orange stick! These boxes are worth over $30 and always so fun to receive! In the past we have been given BONUS items like: lipstick, nail decals, and sneak peak designs! If you can't decide what you want, you may love getting a surprise each month like this! You can choose from a 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscription! The longer the subscription the cheaper the box gets! Each month is a mystery to what you receive, but *I* personally offer a "love it or trade it" guarantee! If you don't love what you receive I'll trade you! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

I love my hostesses!

This is likely the first time you've ever seen an "email party", so I thank you so much for giving me your time each day to explore this new party option! Jamberry is so generous to our hostesses, and I also like to spoil my ladies who share Jamberry with their friends and family! Hostesses get a free item once they hit $100! Most other companies don't provide free items until well into the $100s - Jamberry is so giving! On top of that - if your party reaches a certain level you get 3 exclusive wraps that only hostesses can get!

Hosting is FUN!

There are a variety of ways you can host a Jamberry party: on Facebook, through email, in home, 30 minute LIVE parties, and more! There's a style to fit any lady who wants to go shopping for free! On average my hostesses get to shop at 80% off!

The rewards Jamberry provides are pretty phenomenal, but I also send a gift as well! For anyone who wants to continue this fun with their own group of ladies, I will send you either free wraps or an application kit! You get to choose, but you must host your party in the month of May!

Go here for more information:

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

It means a lot to me to be able to share something I love with you! These little "nail stickers" have changed my attitude, my financial future, and given me an outlet for using my leadership skills! Thank you so much for being a part of such an awesome journey for me! I am here to help you with ANY application questions or issues! I've never (seriously!) ever met a lady who couldn't wear these! They are a pretty fantastic product!

I want to hear from YOU! If anyone wants to play "catch up" for any of the previous day entries go right ahead! I'll still take your responses until 11:59pm tonight - Wednesday!

Today I would greatly appreciate it if you would complete this survey so I can learn a bit more about you!

If you want to stay in touch request to be added to my VIP group:

Your Hostess has something to say!

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to thank each of you for participating in the fun emails and learning more about Jamberry from my daughter, Rachel, the past few days.

Sharing this fun and trendy way of nail care has been fun! I hope you have gone to the website and looked at all of the different designs and themes. There is even a fantastic monthly plan you can sign up so you can get wraps each and every month.

Thank you again for being a part of this online Jamberry party! I look forward to getting text pics from each of you wearing yours :)

Friends always,


All orders must be in by 11:59pm - Wednesday!

If you need an extension or help shopping let me know!