Recreational Drug Data

Most Commonly Abused Drugs


  • Illegal Depressant
  • Very Addictive
  • Made from Morphine
  • Injected, Inhaled or Smoked
  • Found in Opium Poppy Plants


  • Illegal Addictive Stimulant
  • Made from Leaves of Coca Plant
  • Increases Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • In Powder Form inhaled via Nose
  • Causes Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Sudden Death
  • Extremely Difficult Habit to Break


  • Most Commonly Abused Drug
  • Grown from Cannabis Plant
  • Legal in Certain States
  • Increased Use By Middle and High School Students
  • Has Short and Long Term effects on the Brain
  • Can Cause Hallucinations


  • Legal Drug
  • Tobacco Usage Most Common Form
  • Leads to Heart Disease, Stroke and Lung Cancer
  • Stimulant
  • Increased risk of Miscarriage, Stillborn or Birth Defects