Goff Gladiator Gazette

Written by the Goff Newspaper Team, 12/14/16

Sports at Goff

Girls Basketball Games

By: Mariam

Our girls basketball team has won the first two games since the season started! The Girls Basketball team won against Jenks on December 1st, with the score of 31-20. They also won against Segway on December 6th! Congratulations to our Girls Basketball Team! I talked to Kamea, a member of the girls basketball team, and she says she thinks her team did a good job in the last two games the team won. She says she had a great time playing!

Keep up the great work girls!

An Inside Look at Girl's Basketball

By: Kamea

Guess What!!!! The girls basketball team is undefeated!!!! We won 2 games in a row. Wow!!! That is a lot. We started the season great. Every day we have practice and it is great. We played against teams by putting in five people in at a time. We have great teammates that support each other. Our team captains Tatem, Ariana and Jasmine, Have been great!!! We start off our practice by stretching and doing lay up lines. Then we start our game five on five as a team. Each quarter is 10 minutes. We have 4 quarters. Girls basketball is great and you should look more into it!!!!

Goff Top 5 - Fast Food

By: Ashley

Hello, welcome to the top 5 section of the newsletter. In this section you will see the results from last week and vote for this week's top 5. Below is a link you can pick one answer for which is your favorite out of these 10 choices 5 of them will be chosen as the top 5. I hope you enjoy this section and that your favorite choice gets in.

Last weeks results:

  1. Drake

  2. Twenty One Pilots

  3. The chainsmokers

  4. Rae Sremmurd

  5. Tie between Ariana Grande and The weekend

Upcoming School Events

By: Anthony

Hello and Happy Holidays!!

Students in Ms. Choinas ELA Explorations Class are feeling the spirit of the holiday season. They have started a toy drive.

If you would like to help, please bring in gently used or new toys. Drop off your donations to room 205. “ We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

By: Emily

Ugly Sweater Dancy Disco

Do you like school dances? If you would wear an ugly sweater you should come to the upcoming school dance! You could wear an ugly sweater to this special dance. Tickets were on sale Monday the 12th, Tuesday the 13th and today, Wednesday the 14. They are $3.50 per ticket. The actual dance is on Friday the 16th. Come for a grand old time at the Ugly Sweater Dancy Disco.

Comics and Jokes

By: Emily

Q: What’s a pirate's favorite letter?

A: "P", because without it it would be irate!

YOU: Knock knock.

SOMEONE ELSE: Who's there ?

YOU: Eat a mop.

Someone else: Eat a mop who?

You: EWW!
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School Events

By: Natasha


The yearbook committee meets every other Tuesday on the days when there is no student council meeting. In yearbook we choose the yearbook cover, decide what pictures will go in the yearbook, write the information that will be in the yearbook, etc. We haven’t really done a lot yet, so if you join now you won’t be too behind. Soon we will decide what pictures will go in the yearbook, and that will be really fun! So, if you want to design the yearbook that the whole school will see, join now in room 211!

Goff Band

On December 4th the band students played at the Winter Wonderland in Slater Park. So many people showed up and it was so much fun! It started at 5:30 and ended at about 7 o'clock, so it wasn’t too late at night. They played Carol of the Bells, We Three Kings, Good King Nutcracker, Jingle Bell Jam, and many more! They have a lot more concerts coming up soon, so make sure not to miss them!

What's Good to Read? Book Recommendation

By: Tarsha

Today’s book recommendation is for the new movie “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, but don’t get confused, this is the movie book. Now the movie is one thing I have been dying to see, but guess what, I didn’t get to see it. But, I have heard from many friends that this movie is great. If you are interested in wild adventure, and magic, and are also a Harry Potter fan, then this book is for you. I recommend you to go to your local library, or school library, and go find this book today, and just in case you are wondering, the movie have came out in theaters November 18, 2016. This is a very popular book, and the movie raised skyrocket in money. This movie alone have made 607.9 million dollars! That’s impressive. I’m going to wrap this up here. Don’t forget to check this out, but i’m not your parent, so you can do whatever you want! This has been you one and only Goff Gazette Newspaper Book Recommendation Reporter, Tarsha. GO GOFF!
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Whats in our lost and found?

By: Ashley


  • Bracelet

  • 2 mens/boys wallets

  • Men’s ring

Things from last spring:

  • Silver earring (stud)

  • Silver dangling earrings

Things from last school year:

  • Watch

  • Boys necklace

  • Small purse

  • Gold ring

  • Boys wallet

If you think any of this stuff is yours, go to the office and describe your item to Mrs. Machado.

Please note that the location of the lost and found has been moved from student support to the office!

Interview of the Week! Mr.McConaghy

By: Sabrina

Hello everyone! This week we are interviewing the geography teacher of Team Apollo, Mr. McConaghy! We asked him 4 questions and his answers are down below.

1Q. How is your experience at Goff middle school?

1A. I am so happy to be here at Goff Middle School. I was nervous leaving Jenks and being the new teacher at Goff, but it was the best career move I've made. I love the way the school is ran and how everyone takes pride in our school.

2Q. How long have you been a teacher, what grades have you taught, and what subjects have you taught?

2A. I was hired in Pawtucket in 2004 and started at Jenks. Over the past decade, I was teaching 7th Geography, 8th US History, and 9th World History to the student of Jenks and JMW.

3Q. Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?

3A. I love to spend time with my family outside of school. I coach both my sons' hockey and baseball teams in my free time. I also play hockey in a men's league once a week as well. I always stay busy with my sports, my kids sports, and all the extracurricular activities. One of my passions is watching and going to the Patriot games! Go Pats!

4Q. If you weren’t a teacher what job would you want to have?

4A. I knew I loved teaching and working with young adults very early in life, but if I had to try another career, I'd try to get involved in play by play sports announcing and sports radio. Calling the live plays of games and discussing all the events from the sports world would be a dream job for me.

I hope you you enjoyed reading about Mr.McConaghy and will also enjoy reading about our next teacher of choice in the next issue of Goff Gladiator Gazette!

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Advice From The Pack

Dear Pack,

What do you do when people keep saying something that you don’t like, but they won’t stop saying it?


Person in Need

Dear Person in Need,

All you have to do is talk to them about it and make sure they understand that you don’t like it so they can stop. If they still don’t stop just don’t talk to them for a while. And if it continues, tell a teacher.


The Pack

Dear Pack,

I need advice on what to get in the cafeteria tomorrow or what you would recommend?


Nervous Eater

Dear Nervous Eater,

Food is my best friend. If i was to be completely honest i am on a seafood diet. I see food and then i eat it. Part of the secret to life is to eat what you like. When i am at lunch i usually eat a chicken patty every day and it is pretty good. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one does not dine well.”


The Alpha

To The Pack,

There’s this girl I like and I don’t know how to tell her that I like her.


Needs Advice

Dear Needs Advice,

The question you really need to ask yourself is if you’re willing to risk your friendship for something more. Keep in mind that if things don’t go well between you two than it can go of two ways. If you don’t know how to approach her, just do it when you two are alone, if you don’t want people to judge you. Just break out of your comfort zone and tell her, and if you have any other questions ask us in another letter.


The Omega and Beta
Student Editor, Kira

Teacher Editors, Mrs. Alexandre and Ms. Choina