water borne disease

The microscopic killer you don't know about...

tiny but deadly

These microscopic killers are cause by more then one thing. Bacteria, protists, fungi, and animals cause water born diseases.


Giardiasis's scientific name is Giardia lamblia. it is part of the protozoa kingdom. these parasites are found in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams all around the world. it causes major fatigue and a very irritable bowel. you contract this sickness from drinking water that has been infected by this protist. they reproduce in a proccess called binary fission. most times this disease will go away by its self, but in severe cases anti biotics need to be taken. you can prevent this by washing your hands and drinking safe and clean water.
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taeniasis is the scientific name of this sickness. it is found in water all over the world. you get it from drinking water with the eggs in it. in most cases there are no symptoms, but in severe cases there is belly pain, weight loss, and upset stomach. it reproduces sexually and then lays eggs. to treat this patients are given steroids and anti parasites. to prevent getting this you need to cook your meals correctly at hot temperatures and have clean water at all time. also make sure to wash your hands!