Hand Sanitizer: Myths and Facts

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Ever since the pandemic broke out, we have had to adopt a range of safety measures and COVID appropriate behaviour to ensure maximum protection against the virus. Even post vaccination, this need remains consistent to reduce risk of severe infection and in worse case scenarios, fatalities. This is especially true for high density regions, which is characteristic of Indian cities and metros. Be it a local market or a medical campus, you can expect to come into contact with hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Hence, it becomes important to wear a mask at all times, maintain a social distance, and carry a hand sanitizer with you to ensure high safety.

Of course, it can feel overwhelming at times to follow these safety protocols and for a moment, you might be tempted to avoid following the same. However, that is when you need to remind yourself of how the sick, elderly, and the children within your family and the larger community depend on your appropriate behaviour for the safety of their health and lives. Besides, with both, masks, and sanitizers being available in a variety of options to suit your personal preferences, it shouldn’t be a bother anymore but an opportunity to shop and stay safe.

Scenarios Where Hand Sanitizer Can Make A Difference

Let us look at some of the most common scenarios where hand sanitizers can come handy:

  • Buying essentials from an unmasked vendor in a poorly ventilated area. You can sanitize your hands after putting your buys in a clean bag that you might be carrying from home.
  • When you are commuting and touching handles, seats and bars that have been touched and sneezed upon by hundreds of fellow passengers. A hand sanitizer can let you touch your face, mobile, and earphones even after touching such surfaces post sanitization.
  • When you are at a hospital or medical facility with a high footfall and need to spend long hours, exchange documents that have been touched by several high-risk people, and want to grab a bite but ensure your hands are clean and safe.
  • When you are travelling for a holiday and spending time sightseeing and shopping in areas where you do not have access to soap and water to wash your hands frequently.

Hand Sanitizer: Myths and Facts

Now that we are clear on the absolute convenience and safety that a hand sanitizer offers, let us look at some prevalent myths and factors around hand sanitizers:

  • Myth: All hand sanitizers are equally effective/do the job

Fact: All hand sanitizers are manufacturing using slightly different ingredients. More important, the right alcohol content is required to ensure effectiveness in killing the virus and other germs and microbes. Hence, it is advisable to opt for a repute brand when it comes to hand sanitizers.

  • Myth: Hand sanitizers can be bad for the skin when used frequently

Fact: There are some serious chemicals and ingredients present in hand sanitizers. However, the impact of these is often negated by other additional ingredients such as aloe vera and the likes. In fact, some brands such as Bisleri even offer hand sanitizers that have moisturizing properties to ensure your skin remains soft despite using the product frequently.

  • Myth: Hand sanitizers are an unnecessary expense

Fact: Hand sanitizers are a value-for-money investment that saves you from health-related concerns, which can cost you serious health problems, as well as a lot more money. Moreover, they cost less than a cup of coffee at your favourite café.

Buying Hand Sanitizers

Now that you are aware of the importance of a good hand sanitizer, it is also essential to understand some best practices to purchasing hand sanitizers. Though it may seem like a simple enough buy, there is some hidden information you need to look out for when buying a hand sanitizer. This includes:

  • List of ingredients including those that will protect your skin
  • Fragrance; it is important to opt for a fragrance that is mild, pleasant, and works for your personal preference. A fragrance that doesn’t agree with you can make you uncomfortable and even cause headaches.
  • Convenient packaging. This will ensure you are able to pour the hand sanitizer in right quantities effortlessly even in a crowded place or in a busy situation. Additionally, it should be leak proof so your pockets or purses and bags aren’t ruined.
  • It should be manufacturing use sustainable best practices to ensure minimum or zero harm to people and planet for responsible consumerism.


Having a hand sanitizer handy with you all times is a safety and lifestyle requisite. However, there are several things you need to consider rather than just opting for the variant that your local chemist offers you or one that is on maximum discount at on online marketplace. This will go a long way in ensuring you are using a hand sanitizer that delivers effectively on your requirements.