February, 2014

February sales

Total Sales: $7847.00

Parties: 16

My sales: 3 parties $1,737.00

Top sales:

Suzanne Madara $756.00

Paige Goll $612.00

Cathy Barman $515.00

Nice job ladies!!!

New Members In February:

Alicia O'Rorke (that would be how to spell it correctly) sponsored by Ashley Kessen

Mary Ross sponsored by Ashely Kessen

Joni Johnson-Kropp sponsored by Karen Barman

Nancy Becerra sponsored by Jodi Dandridge

Rolanda Tadman sponsored by Amanda Gessner

Beth Ann Linde sponsored by Gwen Weiland (she signed up again!!)

Cara Sicotte sponsored by Gwen Weiland

Whoo hoo!!!

Sign up for National Conference!

A $50 deposit (non-refundable) is all you need to sign up. Don't worry about a room, don't worry about getting there we can arrange it all later!

Get signed up. Plan on saving for $100 transportation, $50/night for the room, $50/day for food and that will be high end of what you will spend. When I travel I am very frugal. We go to have fun, shop and learn.

Check your stars!

You can find your star tracker on your office under "incentives". You will save money and earn free products in addition to your amenities you receive at National Conference. You only get the rewards if you attend so go for it!!

Celebrate and Connect

I hope you are all signed up for Celebrate and Connect in April. There are only 4 days this time instead of the entire week.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can at my home and later as I come visit and cheer on Melissa Connor as she sponsors her meeting!

I cannot wait to see what new product thirty-one is going to surprise us with!!!


All the new consultants who signed up during the time they can earn their $99 back not only earn that $99 back! While you ladies sell $1000 in your first 30 days you also earn your first Startswell and $250 in commission! Oh, and you earn 2 conference stars just for signing up as a consultant AND you will get more stars as you continue to earn! Gosh, thirty-one REALLY wants us at conference!!!

March Special

What are you doing to market your March? How many parties do you have on the calendar?

Use your February amenity to get April parties booked!

What ideas do you have to fill your calendar? Have you picked up that 50 pound phone and called? You can't rely on facebook to "message" people to book parties. I used many catalog party options during this crazy, cold, snowy winter and was still able to party. It isn't always easy, think outside the bag and share your ideas to get parties booked and how you market yourself!!