The Fourth of July

By: Carissa

Our Tradition

Each Fourth of July my family goes out to our aunt and uncle's house and set off fireworks and eat. They live out in the country so we don't have to worry about disturbing others. My family that normally comes is my grandpa, grandma, mom, sis Ashley, sis Debbie and her two kids, and me. Sometimes more come out though. We eat first then little kids set off tiny fireworks like the parachutes and smoke bombs and poppers. Then when it gets dark the older kids and adults set off the big ones and everyone else watches. Then when that is up the little kids and whoever else get to do sparklers. When all this is up we go inside and visit and people leave as they want. Normally my two sisters and the ones two kids and me go back up the next day and help clean up the firework trash.

Fourth of July

Saturday, July 4th, 1pm

Aunt and Uncle's House

I would like to share this with my family one day. I would like to share it because we bond and have family time together. I think what I like most is that we are all together as a family.


12:30 people show up
4:00 we eat unless someone is running late then we wait
6:00 little kids set off tiny fireworks
8 to 9 The big fireworks are set off
9:30 we go inside to talk leave when you want