Instructional Platforms and Reports

One stop shop to accessing the data you need!

Scantron Analytics

A place to find information on enrollment, grades, assessments (STAAR, Benchmarks, iStation), attendance, graduation, discipline, College & Career Readiness (SAT, PSAT, TSI, and ACT), student watch list, and Early warning.

STAKEHOLDER ACCESS: teachers, coaches, campus administrators, data clerks, and district administrators.

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Eduphoria Aware

Aware is an enhanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments, and analyzing student progress. Aware is used for local assessments and annual benchmarks. Aware provides data that can help make instructional decisions. This includes Axium Accountability Reports and Lead4ward Reports.

WHO CAN BENEFIT: teachers, coaches, campus administrators, and district administrators.

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Eduphoria Strive

Strive will not only facilitate all of your logistical needs, but will intuitively integrate staff evaluation, goal setting, and PLC collaboration.


Eidex helps school leaders evaluate their academic and financial performance against comparable peers, at both building and district level.

KEY AUDIENCE: district administrators.



College Board - SAT and PSAT

College Board - TSI

College Board - AP Exams

On Data Suite



Achieve 3000

Elementary School Students in Texas Algebra Ready (ESTAR) and Middle School Students in Texas Algebra Ready (MSTAR)


DreamBox empowers educators with real-time data and academic insights to inform learning and customizable professional development (PD) aligned to instructional goals and focused on educators’ individual needs.

Texas Assessment Management

Texas Education Agency Secure Applications (TEASE)

Children's Learning Institute Engage (CLI Engage)

Scholastic Digital Manager (NSGRA)

Child Plus

Ready Set Go


Frontline: SPED and Interventions