Raw Vegan Pai Thai

Patty Carrera


In the noodles:

1 Daikon- 60 calories

1 Broccoli- 30 calories

1 Bell pepper- 2 calories

1 Red cabbage - 7 calories

1 Green onion- 5 calories

Cilantro Sauce: 2-4 calories


1 Mango- less than 68 calories

1 Zucchini- around 2 calories

1/2-1 Tomato- 3 calories

1 Green onion- 5 calories

small piece of Ginger- around 4 calories

Lime juice (1/2) - 4 calories

Total Calories: 194

How to make it

For noodles: You can use a spiralizer and if you don't have one a peeler. Daikon- a type of radish that is not hard but soft. You want to buy the kind that is firm enough to spiralize but not too soft. It's full of minerals and nutrients, and the taste is not strong like other radishes you might know.

You cut the Daikon with the spiralizer to make it look like noodles. After you have your noodles on a bole you can add as many vegetables as you want.

For the dressing, you just have to put all your ingredients on a blender and blend the together.

Why is it healthy?

This recipe as you can see in the name is Raw Vegan, that means that you only need to use fruits and vegetables without cooking them to keep their vitamins. It has a lot of protein, and it's good because all his ingredients are natural without chemicals.