Why People Bully.

By Micayla Bilsbury

Forms Of Bullying:

Some times people bully because they are jealous of the person that are bullying.
One out of four people are bullied.
Some people bully others because they want attentions for themselves.
Kids can be bullies because they have no friends and feel lonely and bullying makes them feel good about themselves.
Another reason could be that the kids that are bullying are having family problems and need away to get their anger out so they take it out on innocent class mates.
Bully's could feel insecure about themselves so they think that everyone should so they make kids feel bad about themselves.
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Cyber bulling is another form of bullying but it is done online.

What To Do if You Are Being Bullied:

Tell a responsible adult.
Don't open or read any messages from cyber bullies.
Don't delete any messages from cyber bullies, you can show and adult.
Stand up to the bully and tell him/her to stop.
Stay close to an adult at all times, bullying might not happen if an adult is nearby.
If you see someone being bullied go and get an adult.

How To Tell if Someone is Being Bullied:

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Bullying can cause kids to do some very bad things. Some kids may want to harm themselves because they don't know what to do.