Mommy I Wet The Bed

Children and Bedwetting


Bedwetting also known as nocturnal enuresis is a common conditioning that children experience as they develop. There is not an age cap for those who experience bedwetting, but children age four make of for 30% of bedwetting cases, followed by five to six year olds at 10%, and fourteen year olds at 3%. It is rare but not impossible for some adults to experience bedwetting. Bedwetting can be caused by medical conditions, emotional stress, lack of bladder control and late development.

Be Patient, Be Aware, and Be Supportive of Your Child.

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Ask Your Doctor What Helps!

  • Behavioural therapy which consists of motivational techniques help remove the negative thoughts that your child associates with bedwetting.

  • Medication treatment using desmopress can help reduce your child urination at any given time, use it daily or for special occasions.

  • The moisture alarm clock can alert both you and your child of the first drop of moisture, which can help your child wake up in time to finish urination.

Fore more information on these methods please contact your family doctor.