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I can play volleyball for hours.

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Ashby Smith

Ms. Sibold

Honors 9 Literature- Period 2

25 January 2016

George Orwell

Some people might know him as George Orwell, but that is not really his name. His name is really Eric Arthur Blair. Some of the books George Orwell wrote are Animal Farm, Burmese Days, Down and Out in Paris and London, Homage to Catalonia, and many more. He was born on 25 June 1903 in eastern India. He went to school in England. After he left Eton, joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, then a British colony. He then left in 1927 and decided to become a writer. In 1928, he moved to Paris where lack of attainment as a writer forced him into a series of basic and somewhat boring jobs. He described his experiences in his first book, down and Out in Paris and London. Right before it was published he took the name George Orwell. This was followed by his first novel, Burmese Days, in 1934. George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, was published in 1945. George Orwell won the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award and the Retro Hugo Award for Best Novella. He won the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award for Animal Farm and 1984. He won the Retro Hugo Award for Best Novella for Animal Farm. He later died of tuberculosis on January 21, 1950.

10 rules for my distopian society

For my dystopian society to thrive there is ten rules the people must go by to keep the society under control and thriving.

The first rule is everyone must wear a plain white tee-shirt, white jeans and black shoes. Women and girls are also aloud white skirts instead of jeans, if they are knee length or longer.

The second rule is once you are eleven years old you get chosen for a job. Everyone needs to work to do a part in the society to keep things in order.

The third rule is every child will go to a school in a tall black building until they are chosen for jobs. They will start when the are told the are the age of three and go till they are told they are turning eleven.

The fourth rule is everyone will carry a small phone only to get alerts from the government. The government can also use that devise for another way to have a location of everyone.

The fifth rule is at the age of two everyone gets two small chips inserted into their wrists used for tracking services.

The sixth rule is every front of a household must have a wall of glass windows that you can visibly see into. Also every house must be painted gray and is only aloud four family members.

The seventh rule is there is a curfew of everyone for 9:00pm. Everyone must be in their houses at 9:00 sharp or consequences will be applied.

The eight rule is anyone who disobeys a law will be seen by a honor counsel called the Add council in a black building on the very end of the society's lands. Their are rumors that not many people are seen again. Many people think that the are taken off of the society's lands and into the woods and have to try to survive to make it back.

The ninth rule is no one is aloud to talk about the woods or the wars outside the society lands. No one is also aloud to have ideas about what the world is like outside the society's lands.

The tenth rule is the ruler must finalize everything and choose the jobs of all the children. The ruler must also watch everyone at different times of the day in ten period time increments.

My dystopian society would not be able to function smoothly and productively without these ten rules in place. These rules were created by the Add council and finalized by the ruler.

Blog post-are we heading toward a dystopian society

Ashby Smith

Ms. Sibold

Honors Literature- Period 2

1 February 2016

Are we heading to a dystopian society?

The future I see is where we have become a dictatorship and our ruler is a very strict man. We all have our own surfaces provided by the government and are controlled by the government. The government can see all things researched and done on these surfaces that they provided for us. All people are almost like robots, controlled and act as a single being. They all talk the same, dress the exact same, and even walk the same. There are also robots exactly like humans that are intertwined in with our world in the future. The robots and human look and act exactly the same, so it hard to tell them apart. Some people in the future are curious, do wonder, and try even though it is against the law to tell anyone if you do figure the difference out. There are also some other rules. Some of them are no one has the authority to speak to the ruler unless they are chosen by him to speak his orders, everyone must look exactly alike the entire day, no one is allowed to use the word I or me, and more like these. Also everyone in the future will think the past is irrelevant and not helpful to them now. They will think that the past was not needed back then and is still not needed to help them with things now. With the future there will be no such thing as a family. All there will be is four people to a house and no more. They will hardly see each other with their work and other activities schedule. They will barely know each other their entire lives. This dictatorship is strict and it is exactly what the ruler wants to see in the world.

Blog Post-Ideals of freedom

In this country as a citizen I have a lot of freedom. Other people in some other countries do not have as much freedom as I have. Some freedoms I have are the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom to assemble, and many more. The freedom I have that I enjoy is the freedom of speech. Not everyone has the freedom of speech so I enjoy that I do. Another freedom I have that I enjoy is being to wear what I want to school. Some children do not have a say in what they wear and others have to wear a uniform to school. One other freedom I enjoy is the freedom of religion. Some other countries must practice the same religion as the ruler of their country believes and I do not because I am a citizen of this country. If I did not have one or all of these rights I think I would not be happy and I think it would completely change our country if they were taken away.

What I think happens in a country of civilization that freedoms are not balanced is that everyone follows what the supreme ruler or higher power tells them to do. Some might try to rebel in some way, but not many will or succeed at doing it. I think that also some people might wonder what it would be like if their country or civilization was balanced of equal. They might wonder what they would be doing right that minute if everyone had their own rights to freedom that are equal. I feel that also the higher power would do a lot of things he not allowed to do because he feels he needs to use the power he has for something. In a civilization or country with unbalanced rights are not always the best for everyone in that country or civilization.