Lord/Lady Montague

People should care and worry about their kids at all times.

Act 1 , Scene 1

Lady Montague was worrying about Romeo that's why she was talking to Benvolio,'' O, where is Romeo? Saw you him today? Right glad i am he at this fray''.(997) lines.120-125.

This is relavent to the theme because she was worried that Romeo was in the fight between the Capulets and the Montagues. Lady Montague shows how she is worried that she wants to know why Romeo is sad and wants to stay away from everyone.

Act 1, Scene 1

Lady Montague sees Romeos sadness and depressions and wants Benvolio to find out. ''With tears argumenting the fresh mornings dew, adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs; But all soon as the cheering sun''.(997) lines 140. This is relvent to the theme because she is concerned about the behavior that he shown with his tears and the depression in his face. Lady Montague is trying tell Benvoilo that she can see the sadness in his face and soon it will be fine and Romeo will be Romeo

Act 1 Scene 1

Lord Montague is talking to Benvolio because he wants to know if Romeo is okay and want to know if he can help.¨...But to himself so secrets so close, so far from sounding and discovery... could we but learn from whence is sorrow grow, we would as willing give cure as known.'' (998) 155-160. Because Romeo looks and acts the way he is his mom and dad have caught on and want to know whats wrong and if he told them they would willingly help him. Lord Montague can see that Romeos depressed and would give him a cure to his sadness.

Theme Act 5 Scene 3

The prince is talking to the capulets and the Montagues about their kids and how they did this and he said, ''Capulets ,Montagues ,See what a scourage !is laid upon your hate ,That heaven finds means to kill your joys and loves!'' (1099) 310 - 315. Because you didn't stop this feud along time ago this is what happens your kids have been killed.
Zach Pratt



December 10,2014