Transition Plus April 8

Do more of what makes you happy

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Staffing Updates

Sierra Jackson will be the long call sub for the rest of the year in Tom's classes.

Tom has said he will keep us updated through Colleen and the front office. Please check this out and find out how we can support Tom.

Paul Dennis will be gone as of today. He starts his new position at Marcy.

Let Your Voice be Heard

We have a number of opportunities for staff to provide input on upcoming positions for next school year.

Please check out these opportunities to provide input in defining roles, interviewing and looking at spaces.

We need your input!

As we move into scheduling season for next year, we would like your suggestions on course offerings and scheduling considerations.

Please complete the Staff Survey by Thursday, April 11th, in order for your valuable feedback to be considered by the ILT scheduling committee.

Additionally, we would like our students to complete a brief three-question Student Survey so that we may also account for our student voice in the future of our programming.

Licensed Interview & Select Positions are posted 4/19/19.

Here is the calendar.

These are the tentative dates for postings:

4/3/19 - TOSA/DPF postings

May – Professional postings (internal)

5/6/49 – ESP postings

June – AFSCME postings

June – Professional postings (external)

Save the date!

TPlus Talent Show will be on

Friday, April 26th at 1:30pm in the TPlus Cafeteria.

The Career Expo: Autism at Work event, being hosted by Minneapolis College’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC), Career Services, TRIO Student Support Services and TRIO Educational Opportunity Center, is an event to celebrate individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that are successfully living, going to school, and working within our communities.

Event: Career Expo: Autism at Work

Date: Saturday, April 27th 2019

Time: 10am – 2pm

Location: Minneapolis College (1st Floor Technical Building)

Cost: FREE – lunch and parking are provided as well

Minneapolis College Autism at Work Career Expo Website

Minneapolis College Autism at Work Career Expo Attendee Registration Link

The deadline to submit Project SEARCH applications is 4 pm on Thursday, April 11. Please go over the green checklist in the application packet and make sure you have completed all of the items.

Fyi-You can obtain immunization records from the T+ Health office. You can obtain attendance records from Melissa.

Please contact Trish with any questions. Thank you!

Housekeeping Notes

It is our desire to be good neighbors.

Staff is using our Neighbors dishes from the upper cabinet in the Staff Lounge. They are not returning them to the cabinet, instead leaving them in the sink or on the counter-top. Staff from Adult Education has mentioned this. Also, silverware is not being returned.

There have been 4 brooms that have gone missing from the custodians- only one has turned up and it was broke. Please let custodial staff know if you are borrowing something.

  • If you break something - please let the person you borrowed it from know there was an accident.
  • If you borrow something- please return it.

My mother always taught me return things better than you found them. If we live by this standard it makes sharing spaces and items easier.

Professional Development

If you are in need of Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Training for licensure, please see below for offerings in the next few months. Sign up on e-Compass. Using the course and section codes.

Course 91661 Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Section 114617 Wednesday, April 24th 4:10-5:10 pm Davis Center N5-083

Course 90271 Early Warning Signs/Mental Health Course

Section 114624 Tuesday, April 9th 4:00-5:30pm Davis Assembly room

Section 114618 Wed, April 24th 3:00-4:00 pm Davis Center N5-083

Arnée Martin will be the new grant support SEA.

If you have an idea for Donors Choose, please reach out to her by email.

A Few CBI Reminders

CBI modules are designed to do two things:

1. Augment student learning by giving them hands-on practical experience with what is being taught in the classroom

2. Give students time to achieve IEP goals that are unattainable in a classroom

Teachers are expected to (and have been!) facilitate 2 out of 3 modules each semester for a total of 4 modules each year. Teachers can facilitate more if there is need or interest.

Case managers assign students according to goals. This can be a discussion between case managers and students. Students will stay with their module for 5 weeks.

Module facilitators communicate with case managers to question a student assignment, or to request students for their module.

Facilitators can signify pre-requisites, limits, or intentions on their module themselves or have Colleen write them. One way to catch the students your module is designed for is to write a strong description of the module to guide people as they are signing up.

All Modules and descriptions should be given to Colleen two weeks before the Module starts. April 22 is the next deadline.

Engagement News

Staff have asked for the levels of Behavior.

Behavior Continuum Feel free to refer to list of 1-4 Behaviors when completing incident reports or have questions about levels of behaviors.

Staff of the Month for April

Anyone who was nominated in the past month was placed in a hat and drawn by Melissa. Please be sure to recognize the greatness of staff and students in the front office. This then goes on the Bitmoji board viewed in the cafeteria.

Staff member for the month of April is Dave Leussler.


Upcoming at TPlus

Monday --------

Tuesday -------- 8:30-9:30 Licensed Staff Mtg


Thursday-------- Project Search Applications are Due

Friday ------------ 8:30-9:30 ILT

April is Autism Awareness Month