Clearsea Island

Come see what Clearsea offers to you and your family!

There are plenty of attractions in Clearsea

Mount St. Basc, Basc Beach, and even Bascue Diner the oldest restaurant in town. The sea is so clear you can see straight to the bottom of it. Our hotels are rated number one in the world!

Clearsea has a Mixed Economy

In the mixed economy both the government and individuals play important roles in regard to production and consumption of items. This way neither has too much power. The government establishes a legal system to enforce laws and a stable system of currency, meaning no one can hire children and pay them hardly anything, that would be child labor. The government isn’t allowed to overstep their boundaries in the business world. Meaning people are free to make their own business, and enter the market at anytime, which makes competition, providing an incentive for people to work hard and make quality goods at low prices.

What we have to offer you!

  • The best air quality
  • A free one day pass to our zoo
  • Mountains to go climb on
  • Scuba lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Singing lessons
  • SPA treatments in every single hotel
  • The worlds best rollercoaster over 700 feet in the air

We have fields of flowers all over, you can take bouquets of them!

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Every Visitor is welcomed

You can stay at one of our five star hotels. The nicest we have is the one pictured to the right.

Our most popular sites to view!

Guaranteed to be the best vacation of your life.

Our country animal

Dolphins are the country of Clearseas animal. We love to see the dolphins and they are always close to the shore, we even have boats that take us out far enough to pet the dolphins, and play games with them, the boats are safe and won't hurt the dolphins.

Some of the houses you can rent!


Clearsea is an island 3000 miles off the coast of Mexico.