JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Friday 5 December 2014

This Week

We all:

  • perfected our acting and singing skills ready for next week's performances
  • talked about the clothing and equipment that polar explorers need
  • completed some number activities, including addition and subtraction problems
  • continued making our mini penguin fact books
  • sorted and classified everyday objects by their materials, such as glass, metal, plastic, paper/card, stone (you may like to try doing this at home too)


Hamad, Olanna, Lara, Finn, George and Elody help Mrs Bradley to sort the objects by their materials.
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Next Week

We will:

  • do our fantastic performance, The Gruffalo's Child (tickets will be sent home on Monday)
  • investigate some famous polar explorers from the past
  • think about food that explorers take with them on expeditions
  • experiment with a range of tools and techniques to create different pictures and crafts
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