The eye

By Elise 8F


In this newsletter I will be writing about the eye. I will cover the following topics; the structure, how it works and correcting eye problems.

How it works

The eye works very similarly to a camera, in a camera the lens lets light through and lets it focus on the film. A picture is taken once the light has hit the film. The eye works very similarly to this. The lens is clear in a healthy eye, which allows light to pass through. The cornea and the lens reflects onto the retina which allows the eye to focus. In the eye, the retina acts like the film of a camera. Tiny cells collect the light signal and can change them into electrical signals once the light has hit them. Soon after that it travels through the optic nerve on the way to the brain which process's them to make the images we see.


A tough white layer called the sclera, covers the outer part of the eye. In the area that protects the eyelids, close to the front of the eye, a transparent membrane called the conjunctiva covers the sclera, which runs to the edge of the cornea. The clear curved layer in front of the iris and the pupil called the cornea, is where the light enters. The cornea also helps focus light at the retina and is a protective covering to the front of the eye. Light travels through the pupil once passing through the cornea. The iris is what controls how much light comes into the eye. More light is allowed inside of it when the environment is dark, but when the environment is bright less light is allowed in. The pupil shrinks and enlarges like the aperture of a camera, depending on the amount of light around it. It's size is controlled by pupillary sphincter muscle and dilator muscle.

Correcting eye problems

The eye has may different problems that have either found a solution to, or has someone working on a cure this very second. Some eye problems include being colour blind, glaucoma, cornea transplant and much more.


In a summery of everything I have said, the camera and the eye are very similar in many ways. They have a similar structure, work similarly and much more. I think that the camera was created to represent an eye because they are both are used in similar ways, so why not make them really similar to each other.