Motivation in the Workplace

Researched by: Joshua Fernandez


I believe that this is true because if i am motivated to do something I'll probably be happy while doing the job. Like working from home will probably be a goal of mine since i would never be late and do not have the possibility with working with people i do not like, as well as ignoring traffic. Also if this pays a good amount i would be happy and keep working at my best for the job.

Motivational Theories

Motivation and Hygiene Theory

Fred Hertzberg said that a lot of managers will use compensation to motivate employees. This is known as a hygiene factor and will not motivate them in the long-run, but for only a short time. Hertzberg also said that people or employees are motivated by achievement, recognition, advancement, growth, and responsibility.

Equity Theory

The equitry theory by John Stacey Adams helps give a better understanding on how money and working conditons alone do not increase motivation, and why promoting one person can decreases motivation for others. Employees seek to maintain equity from what they put into a job and what they get from a job.


I agree with Hertzberg that people will be motivated by achievement and recognition. Like for example if i worked hard and one day I got a promotion i would be thrilled and just feel achieved. Like i keeping working until i get to the very top. But then again with equity, i will aslo be disappointed for the same work as someone else but that perosn gets the promotion. I would not have the same attitude to keep working i would feel like they ignore my work and played favorites and work just enough to get by.


-If workers got employee of the month, will that motivate them to work harder?

When the employee of the month program is first introduce to the workplace it will increase excitement for workers as well as productivity. Over time the productivity decreases as well as the excitement. The situation is that it is hard to motivate a worker through a program since motivation is personal. It show be between the employee and the boss.

-Will commission sales help employee productivity?

Some employees are motivated by money which will make them work harder. In a commission based business the more they sell the more the business makes, but this a way of motivation is only short term.

-Does a commission cap stop motivation for workers?

-Will a healthy work -environment make workers happy?

The way a work climate feels has a tremendous influence on a workers'performance. People exceed in a place where they feel appreciated. If the office is taken care of then the workers will feel that they are getting taken of and that the big businessmen care for them.

-If employees choose where and what their work hours will be, will that show more productivity or happiness during their work time?

Employees will be happy to choose when and where they work because it would work around their personal schedule. They wouldn't miss family time like taking the kids to a daycare or drop them off at school or take care of their elderly parents. They will also not have to go through that morning traffic which would really boost their happiness. They also won't postpone appointments by saying the shower wasn't working because with the flex time they will be able to have someone come and fix it.