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April 4

Let the countdown begin!

Oh yeah! We got this!

The sun is beginning to make more appearances and the kids are feelin' it! Keep the teaching going strong, continue to remind kids to be kind, respectful, safe, and responsible!

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)

Dia de las Madres and Mother's Day Celebration

On May 6th please plan on having cookies and punch (provided by PTO) during the last hour of the day to celebrate Mother's and Special Friends Day! The Latina Mamas will be delivering all of the materials for your class to make tissue flowers for the occasion as well as invitation templates for students to invite their guest. Beginning on Monday, May 2nd! You can make the flowers ahead of time OR wait and have students make them with their special guest. If you would like to do the project before the 6th, please let Karla or Jane know in advance and we will have a mom come to your classroom to help. Middle school students will also be available to help in your classrooms for the projects. Contact Jenn Mann for details. The goal, of course, is to have some time for your students to appreciate a special adult in their lives.

Duty Schedule

Please show up to your duty. If you have a substitute that day, remember to include your duty in your plans. The IA's really count on your help with before and after school jobs in all areas especially in the gym and at parent pick up. We are trying to get all students out in a timely manner safely and count on your help to make that happen. :)

You cannot let your students out EARLY

Please remember that there is NO supervision for your students before their designated recess time. This is a SAFETY issue. Also put it in your sub plans.

It may be tempting to offer more minutes at recess for a reward, but please refrain.

This also applies to end of school dismissal. Wait until the bell rings before letting your students out of the classroom. There is no one to supervise students in the gym (where there is class still happening) nor at the parent pick up, leaving kids unattended in the parking lot. THANK YOU for understanding this safety issue.


Learning Team Meeting Tuesday, April 5th

Angela and Karla Out

April 5 Karla OUT ALL DAY

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