Gavins creative poems

Gavins creative poems


I wonderful

I wonder how everything started before people were alive. Who was the first person? How did they survive?

I wonder if I will get to fly. Where will I go? Will I take people on rides?

I wonder who rode my dirt bike before I did. We're they a boy? Did they know how to ride it good?

I wonder what happened when my phone disappeared. Was anyone on it? Where is it?

I wonder when my life will end. How old will I be? How will I die? What makes it fun? Why did I start this?

I wonder why we have to die. Why can't I live forever? Who was the oldest person?

I wish

I wish

That I could go to heaven and have fun forever.

I wish

That monsters were real so you could learn to fight them and see what they would look like if they were real.

I wish

I could fly because then I could look at things from the sky and travel faster

I wish

Everything in the world was free so I could have anything I want

I wish

You could have a phone that is impossible to lose so you don't get I trouble

I used to

I used to be fat eating potato chips, but now I'm skinny and strong working out in the gym .

I used to like school when I was little, now I don't like school because I'm older

I used to hate sports while I sat inside, now I like sports playing basketball.

I used to have no friends and I was shy, now I am outgoing and I am helping people

I used to hate being little because I got beat in certain things, but now I realize it's not that bad because I'm better at certain things.

A clerihew

Once I went to the park one day to see if anyone wanted to play then I realize there's no one there so I went to go home and come my hair

My best friend is twitch he likes to flinch he's crazy fast but he but he's a little slow because he has a cast.

Terse Verse

The cop chasing the Robber

Chick-chick bang

The crazy monster chasing the kids

Urrrr, aaaah

Found poems

Bathroom things

For the wash

For the brush

For the floss

For the flush

For the dry

For the number 1

For the number 2


I turn off the computer

A beautiful animal disappears

Only my fat reflection fills the screen.


Their once was a jumping monkey

And jumping he would always be

He fell off a cliff

Because he was stiff

Now jumping he will never do


My mom

Is so caring

She is always helpful

She is so beautiful and kind

Love you.

Free verse

A noiseless patient spider,

I mark’d where on a little chair it stood still,

Mark’d how to explore the empty surrounding,

It launch’d forth web, after web, after web, out of itself,

Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them.

Blank verse

The life of people is not done

Just like school a little fun

But just below I know everything will go

So it makes the ride worth while.

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