XGames Championship 2013

Which team will reign supreme?

Warning! Warning! Important information, please read:

If you have a unicorn allergy, take your meds. No need to bring extra panty hose, we got you covered.

Tuesday's XGames Schedule

8:00-8:45 Breakfast & XGames Championship 2013

  • Breakfast will be served in the atrium.
  • Games will take place outside in front of the atrium.
  • Teams will compete in 4 games and we WILL be keeping score!
  • Each team will send forth two champions to compete in the games.

**As no room assignments will be made before the championship, you may want to leave your belongings in your car until after the games.**

To the Victors Go the Spoils

The winning team team will have the great privilege of choosing their room for the day. Who will have the luxury of the alpha room?