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October 20, 2020

Phase 3 Pilot

As you may have heard from Superintendent McDonald's message, PUSD is preparing for Phase 3 when health risks have become minimal and we can return to schools in-person.

In advance of this, we would like to field test the potential equipment, processes, and instructional possibilities that would be used at that time. This will help inform us on how to proceed and better prepare.

Are you interested?

We are seeking teachers from a variety of schools, grade levels and subject areas. Please respond if you are interested and able to do the following:

  1. Teach from your classroom for a two week period during November - December 2020 (during this current Phase 2). This will be for Tuesdays-Fridays only of those two weeks, and Mondays are optional. Students will not yet be in the classroom; they will continue to join you online during this pilot period.
  2. Respond to a daily feedback form on your experience each day. This will include questions about the equipment and what you were able to do instructionally.
  3. If selected, please be available for an after-school Orientation on October 29th. Supplemental pay will be provided for this Orientation.

Pilot teachers will receive early check-out for any equipment being field tested,

and are able to inform Phase 3 planning & training.

Aeries & Canvas Grades


At this time, grade passback from Canvas to Aeries is working as expected for secondary teachers/courses. If you are having issues with grade passback, please check the following because they can all be causes of grades not transferring:
  • If using weighted grading, weights must match between groups in Canvas and categories in Aeries
  • Due dates of assignments have not transpired in Canvas
  • Manually added students in Canvas course


Grade passback is not working for elementary at this time, but it is something we are actively working on. In the meantime, teachers will have to input grades into Aeries Gradebook manually to transfer them over to the report card.

To hide final grades in Aeries or Canvas to avoid confusion with students and parents, please click on the link below for tutorials.

PTA Grant

National PTA has awarded PTA Council of Pasadena with a $15,000 grant to help meet the critical needs of students, families, and teachers in their school community due to COVID-19. With the grant, PTA Council will use these funds to further PTA's mission and enhance support for the newly formed at-home school learning environment.

For more information, click on the image.

Digital Citizenship Week

This week is Digital Citizenship Week! There are many great resources for teaching Digital Citizenship to your students and now is the perfect time to focus on it. Visit Common Sense Media or Nearpod for lessons, ideas, games, and more.


Webex Troubleshooting

  • If you are having trouble with your Webex meetings, please make sure you are using the Desktop App after starting the meeting from Canvas. To check, click on the three dots at the bottom of your screen when in the meeting. If it says Switch to Desktop App, you are using the more limited browser version. Switch to the Desktop App for more options.
  • When sharing audio/video, see this video for the settings.
  • If your audio or video isn't connecting properly, make sure your computer is selecting the correct source. Watch this video for how to check.
  • To set preferences and privileges for students in a Webex meeting, please refer to this video.

Scholastic Update

At this time, the Scholastic and Canvas LTI Integration only creates a link to Scholastic, it does not create a link for Assignments or to be used with Speedgrader. If you'd like to create that link between Scholastic and Canvas, it must be done from your account and using your own unique log in. Here are the instructions for that process.

If you are having issues with Scholastic, please contact Rene Saldivar.

Don't Be A Germ Monster PSA