Businesses, Nonprofits, Churches, Individuals!!!

You're Eligible For A Check

As the Owner/Organizer/Pastor of a business/nonprofit/church or just you as an individual in an Economic Loss Zone you may qualify to receive a payment from the new BP settlement. A free evaluation can determine the validity and the estimated amount of your claim.

Please consider the following information as you determine whether to file your claim:

· All businesses are eligible to participate. The settlement is not limited to tourism and hospitality industries.

· There is no cap on the amount that BP will pay for approved claims. Approval of one claim has no impact on the decision of any other claim. If your claim is approved, it does not “take funds away” from someone you might consider to be “more deserving” such as a fisherman who experienced more direct harm.

· You are not required to prove that your loss was related to the oil spill. If you suffered economic harm, it is presumed to be because of the severe economic impact to the region.

· You do not need to hire an attorney. The legal work was complete once the settlement was finalized.

· Without a complete evaluation, which includes a revenue pattern test, it is impossible to know whether you have a valid claim. If you do not have monthly income statements, other sources can be used.

Who Are We?

ClaimsComp is a highly experienced third-party claims company that specializes in complex, class action settlements. We help businesses and individuals process claims quickly and efficiently, and optimize the likelihood of filing a successful claim. Our Executive Team has helped more than 180,000 people recover over $240 million in class action claims.

Please contact me directly to start your free evaluation, or if I can help you in any way. Our services are free of risk or obligation. If your claim is not approved, you owe us nothing.

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