R. Brown Media/Technology News

September 16, 2015

Work Orders

THANKS to everyone for entering work orders. It seems to be working well. I am trying to complete all work orders first thing every morning. Hopefully, this will limit your frustrations with technical problems.

Media/Technology Training

Monday, Oct. 5th, 3:15pm

Media Center

The next Media/Technology training date will be on Digital Learning Tools that are available for FREE through the Concord Public Library System. If you do not have a library card please get a form from Susanne. Once you complete the form return to Susanne and we will get it to the library. This card will give you access to ALL of their free digital resources.

There are lots of resources for all Grade levels.

Hope to see you on October 5th @ 3:15.

Xerox Printer


Several people have tried printing to the Xerox printer in the lab. The problem is that the print comes out in gibberish!! In order to print to this printer, I will have to manually download the driver to your computer. If you want to use this printer, please put in a work order nd I will get set it up on your laptop.

Please do not print to the Xerox printer until this is done on your laptop.


iMovie Trailers

It is so exciting to see all of the iMovie trailers that are circulating throughout the school. Teachers are using the trailers very effectively. Next week, I will be working with several classes creating iMovie trailers. If you would like help creating the imovie trailers with your class please let me know.

Digital Resource Issues

If you are having problems with any digital resources, such as: Dreambox, iReady, Benchmark Universe, mClass, etc., please go to the following link for support. This goes directly to Curriculum and Instruction. They are the ones that are handling the digital resource problems. Thanks

Its Not to Late to Learn!

Newslea - Susanne has brochures that she created for the Newsela training that was conducted yesterday afternoon. If you would like a handout, please see Susanne. This program is great for the upper grades and is very easy to learn. Also, we are glad to provide one-on-one help to anyone that is interested.

Parent Contact List - Please see me if you were unable to attend the training this week to set up your parent email contact list. I will be glad to assist. It is very quick and easy to learn.

Graphic Organizers

I have noticed several graphic organizers in your classrooms. Try some of these online programs to use in your classroom. Let me know if you need any help.



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