My Big Campus

Extending Learning Beyond the Walls of Your Classroom

Drop in and learn!

Join us for an introduction to My Big Campus (MBC). MBC is a learning management system that combines filtered YouTube for students, multimedia resource bundles, unlimited file storage, class groups, assignment/assessment builders, and more within a safe and filtered online environment. Sessions offered during planning times on November 11.

Do I need my laptop?

Bring your laptop and we will make sure that you can login to My Big Campus while we are available to help. Plus, it's fun to explore the features you find most interesting.

Can I check it out before the training?

Yes! Go to Enter your computer login information for the username and password. In the third box, type your school name. As soon as you see the school listed in the drop-down menu, click the name to select it. Then click Login. Let me know if you can't login and we'll fix it before the day of training.

My Big Campus Introductory Training

Monday, Nov. 11th 2013 at 7:30am

1819 Riverbend Road

Dalton, GA