Warrior Weekly

For the Week of May 24, 2015

ISTEP Update!

Thanks so much to all of you for your patience and hard work this past week as we have worked on ISTEP On-line Testing and reporting the numerous disruptions. All of our schools are now doing the paper-pencil version of the testing. Test booklets have been ordered and should arrive within 5 business days. We have until May 15 to complete the testing. This will bring new challenges as we have many things scheduled for May. We will work around things to the best of our ability. Testing schedules will be developed by mid-week. Please be sure to communicate the change to your parents if you are a third, fourth, or fifth grade teacher!! :) Thanks again to everyone!!

Schedule for This Week!


  • No scheduled events for today! Enjoy!


  • 7:35--Grade Level/Department Meetings--Be sure to submit your minutes from your meeting.
  • 7:45--Speech Case Conference


  • 7:35--SMART Start--Math Workshop Training--Mitch's Room
  • 11:00--Lucnh with the Principal--Room 202--have them get their tray and come to Room 202 at their regularly scheduled lunch time.
  • 3:45--ACT Committee Meeting


  • RTI--Team 2
  • 2:00--Ma Scientist with Mrs. Woodard--Room 202


  • No scheduled events at this time!