Roanoke River Basin

Maddie Joyce and John Bowers

Size, population and location

It is 3,503 square miles and the population 335,194. It drains rich lands of mountains and Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina. Extends from central North Carolina almost to the coast. It's on the Roanoke river its on the eastern edge of North Carolina. 2,213 miles of streams and rivers.

Nonpoint source and Point source

One nonpoint source is the runoff that pollutes the water another nonpoint source is fish consomption caused by forestry construction and degraded water. It can be solved by maybe putting the trash somewhere where it cant run into the river. A point source is municipal waste water treatment plant and seleinum ash pound discharge. A way to limit this problem is to make sure our water has no waste no matter what by watching where we put things that can run into the river.

About the river

It is callled "One of the Last Great Places" it contains one of the largest intact and least distributed bottomland hardwood and cypress. Roanoke was dammed several times. Roanoke river headwaters begin in Blue Ridge Mountains.
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