Dog and Cat Education

CECHS Common Good group-Collettsville

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a deadly disease that can kill you. It is most frequently caused by animal bites.

How to tell if your animal has rabies

  • The animal is acting strange
  • Animal may be acting crazy
  • The animal is slobbering more than usual
  • The animal is acting timid and strange
If your animal is acting strange, PLEASE call your local animal control officer for help

Pet Hygiene

Here are a few tips to keep you and your pet safe

  • Don't let pet sleep in your bedroom
  • Be careful if pets have a disease
Diseases that can be passed on:

  • Ringworm- A Fungal infection of the skin. People who work with animals are more prone to get it
  • Toxocariasis- An infection caused by worms found in dog and cat feces
  • Toxoplasmosis- Parasite found in cat feces in under cooked and infected meat, and contaminated kitchen utensils

Please get your animals Spayed and Neutered

Many pet owners are responsible and smart, and get their pets spayed and neutered. Getting your pet spayed and neutered is the best (and healthiest) choice. Below is a list of benefits that your pet may gain if you choose to spay or neuter your animal:

  • Reduce the number homeless pets killed

  • Improve your pet’s health

  • Pets have better attitudes

  • Save on the cost of pet care

  • Risk of cancer is greatly decreased

  • Less desire to roam

  • No unwanted kittens or puppies

  • Your animal will live a longer, better life!!!

First aid for Animals

How to preform first aid on your animal

  • Wash Hands before treatment
  • Wash area and pat dry
  • antibiotic ointment
  • Cover wound with clean bandage
  • Apply Ice pack to reduce swelling for 5-10 minutes
  • If bad enough, take to vet

If you have any concerns about your animal PLEASE contact a local vet.

A few local vets are:

  • Lenoir Veterinary Hospital- (828) 394-1307
  • Caldwell Animal Hospital- (828) 754-4545