BSMS Library News

November 2015


Up, up, and away! Our numbers continue to increase when compared to last year. For the third month in a row, every category is higher when compared to November 2014. The library saw 4437 students in the month of November. That’s an average of 261 students per day. Most of these students were in classes where they were receiving instruction. Students coming in with teachers were recorded at 2547 this month.

Circulation also increased! Last November only 1691 items circulated while this year 2024 items circulated. Our book holder was overflowing this month because we couldn’t keep up with the books coming in. Thank goodness for Sharon and Chantel whom can get the books on the shelves.

Mascardi teaching-

Mrs. Mascardi taught 19 whole class lessons. Keep in mind that is where she gave direct instruction to 19 classes in ONE MONTH! We only had 17 school days. Unfortunately, we needed to turn away many clusters of students. Last count was 70 students we needed to send back to class because we didn’t have the staff to support their needs. We had a teacher interrupt Mrs. Mascardi’s teaching to see if a student could stay here and work. We had two classes in the library at the time, plus a handful of other students. If that’s what a teacher sees when they walk in, then I don’t think we will be able to help the teacher at that time. Besides students being affected, teachers are too. Teachers also need books, materials or assistance and they are on a tight schedule too. They might not be able to come back later. However, with just Rhonda and myself it’s impossible to meet all the demands, including lending books to other libraries.

During these direct instruction times, Mrs. Mascardi was not available to sign out books or watch the front desk. During these teaching times, students coming from classes and study hall did not receive additional support while they worked. The library needs another TA, even if it’s a part-time TA.

Author Visit

With assistance from PTA and Mrs. Motler, Steve Sheinkin will be coming to the middle school on May 23rd. YAY!! I am scheduled to meet with SS in December to ask for support and promoting int heri classrooms, especially 7th grade because they will be the students that come to the assembly. I’m looking to collaborate with them so they will read some excerpts out of his books. He writes non-fiction that reads like a story, highly engaging!