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April 20-24

Dear FFMS Students, Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for your commitment to your children's education during this time of closure. We have seen and increase with the online learning platform this week. We hope to see a continued increase of participation as we work together.

The teachers were happy to see their students in the Google Meets this week and look forward to seeing them this week.

If you are struggling getting your child on a routine or schedule and you feel like you are battling with them to do their work and would like ideas of how to get through this time, there is a free virtual webinar you can attend to help you. See the information below with the link to register. If you can't attend then also by registering you can view the webinar at a later time.

Please know we are here to support you in any way we can and do not hesitate to reach out to any staff member if you have questions or need further guidance. Email is the best way to get in touch with me as I am now online throughout the work day. We all wish we were back in school with our kids and hope this is all over sooner rather than later. Remember we are in this together so please don’t hesitate to lean on us as needed.

Thank you and have a great week!

Mrs. Hiler

Letter Sent from Mr. Gibson

If you have not seen the letter from Mr. Gibson that was sent last week, please click the link below and take a moment to read it.

Congratulations to the Following Students of the Week

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The following students were chosen as the Remote Learning Students of the Week. They have done a great job with completing their online lessons, communicating with teachers and doing their best to be successful during these challenging times. Way to go and keep up the great work!

Students of the Week:

Students of the Week:

5th Grade- Katelyn Brandenburg is our Positive Student of the week. Not only is she staying on top of her school work but she is always checking in on the teachers.

- Mrs. Abbott would also like to recognize Khloie Martin. From the beginning of all of this to even now she has been on her chromebook working everytime I get on to check in on kids. She has been a great resource for me as well. Whenever i have computer issues she helps me get them figured out.

6th Grade-Jaxxon Johnson He has been consistently on school work. He is being responsible and reaching out when help is needed.

7th Grade- Riley Eling- Riley is getting all of his work done in every class. He is constantly checking in with all of his teachers making sure he is doing what he needs to do

8th Grade - There are many students of the week for 8th grade. It was difficult to choose one because there were many that were asking questions, attending Google Meets, and working hard to completing assignments. As a team, we decided to recognize everyone that perservered this week. Our standout students are Brittany Miller, Allyson Roesch, Conner Bauer, Dylan Paskow, Joanna Hamilton, Briston Terry, Faith Jennings, Emerson Pinger, Madison Flora, Elizabeth Lindsey, Riley Laubach, Caleb Ninichuck, Eli Taylor, Kaylee Jennings, Noah Spaulding, Emma Brandenburg, Austin Hermann, Leah Williamson, Aidan Lykins, Josie Meade, and Alyssa Jarman.

Assignment Expectations

  • Assignments will look different from class to class, however, a general guideline we are using is that each lesson is to be no more than a 15-30 minute lesson/activity per class.
    • Keep in mind each student's completion time will vary based on multiple factors.
  • Teachers will be assigning work and entering grades into the grade book as usual.
  • Assignments will have completion dates and students are expected to be in communication with their teachers especially if they are having difficulty.
  • Lessons will be graded at the teacher's discretion, just like a typical class.
  • Students are expected to complete their assignments by the due dates. Make sure you communicate with your teachers if you don't think you can meet a deadline.
  • Students and staff are also expected to be in contact with each other via Google Meet, Go guardian, Email, and or phone to discuss classwork and communicate issues.
  • Teachers will respond to any questions/concerns you have within 24 hours of receiving your message.
  • Teachers are available from 9-3 M-F to answer any of your questions.
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Weekly Connection with Students and Families

Your family can expect to have personal contact with your child's teacher at least once a week. This may occur in the following formats:

  • Video Chats via Google Meets
  • Phone calls or text check-ins
  • Emails or online chats with students

The more the students can communicate and interact with their teachers the better it is for everyone. By being able to do this it will help with motivation and feeling connected. Below are the times for the Google Meets for each grade level.

Google Meet Grade Level Times

5th Grade-- Wednesday @ 2:00

6th Grade- Wednesday @2:00

7th Grade- Monday @ 12:00

8th Grade- Tuesday @2:00

The Bus Drivers Video to the Students

The bus drivers are missing their students. Take a moment to watch the video and share with your child.
Felicity franklin transportation video
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Free Webinar to Help Parents who are Struggling with Routines and ADHD Scheduling Problems

Fix My Family’s Morning Routine! Expert Solutions to Your Worst ADHD Schedule Problems

Your morning routine is broken — and exhausting. Your child stays up too late and sleeps half the morning away, or drags their feet over the slightest bit of work. Even without an early school bell, it’s nag nag nag to get your child to engage with remote learning. In this live Q&A webinar, Sharon Saline, Psy.D., will solve your specific routine and scheduling challenges. Click on the link below to register for free. Webinar is Thursday, April 23, 2020 @ 1pm . If you can't attend you can register to have access to the replay.
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With school being closed during this time and children learning remotely, motivating your children is central to their success. Motivation means ensuring they are interested, involved and confident in their learning. As a parent you play an important role by providing your children with encouragement and feedback. Here are some things you can do to help with this.

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People are Finding Ways to be Creative During this Time

Creativity goes on


Please take a minute to fill out this 5 Question Family Check -In Survey- Click link right below

TLC Character Strengths at Home

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Final Forms

If you should have any changes with your address, phone number or email address please be sure to update final forms.

Box Tops

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Charge the Chromebooks!

Please make sure your child gets in the habit of charging their chrome books each evening. It is important that they come to school prepared and the chrome books are as important to class as bringing paper and pencils. They will need their computers to fully participate in instruction in most classes.

2019-2020 School Calendar

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Clear Water Bottles

Students are permitted to have water bottles in the classrooms. Please make sure that the water bottles are clear.


If you do not wish to receive voice calls or texts from the Felicity-Franklin Local School District, please select the link below and complete the information requested. Thank you.

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School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Every hour of the school day counts, so please try and have your child to school on time. If your child is absent please call 513-362-5307 by 10:00 am.

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