TEKS - C Update

Tips from your Coaches - October/November 2015

What you can expect from your Coaches?

You can expect unlimited support in a variety of ways:

  • find and pull resources
  • data runs
  • lesson ideas
  • PLC planning, sharing, colleagiality
  • modeling lessons
  • co-teaching new concepts
  • helping organize classroom
  • organizing small group for instruction
  • vocabulary ideas
  • support for explicit and focused instruction
  • thematic planning
  • anything else you need

All Things Literacy


Based on what I have seen with DRA assessment, students read text well but have no comprehension/understanding of what they are reading. Comprehension is the District focus this year, so utilized those Comprehension Toolkits (grades 3 - 5). In PreK - 2 do many read-alouds with critical questioning/class discussion.


Make sure you are writing everyday in every content. Writing is the District focus this year in all content areas. I will be looking for content writing as well as writing process papers. Remember also to set up your portfolio system. This is for process papers (final copies) for every genre you teach and test (K-5). District personnel will be cruising through and looking.


Our first window is October 13 - 16. Remember if you create tests, you can send either Denise or me the keys, and we can create bubble sheets for you. This way all data is stored in Eduphoria.
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About Your Coaches

Denise Deckard, ext.2020 denise.deckard@manorisd.net
Pamela Gray, ext. 2021 pamela.gray@manorisd.net
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