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- Issue 4 - September 28, 2015

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We've been published!

We're on the web! I'm sure you have heard all about our first reader's workshop units being published onto our class blogs ... if not, please ask your child! The goal of this project was to have the students answer the question - "What is Reader's Workshop?" and to use visuals and their voices to adequately answer that question for a larger audience.

Head to our website : and on the left hand side you will find a link that says "Student Blogs." From there you will be directed to a page with another link on it - click on this link to find our Classroom Blog postings! You might want to bookmark this webpage for easier access in the future. Feel free to leave comments on our blogs, the students love to read when someone has left comments!

This week as a class we will talk about the safety rules with publishing as well as the expectation of commenting on blogs.


We had a great afternoon this past Friday in Saltcoats. First, the students did a fantastic job running - what I love most is how supportive the students are of each other regardless of what place they come in. To quote one student in our class, "everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner." And they all did! They undertook a hard challenge and proved they can do hard things! Second, they were very respectful representatives of our class and our school!

Thank you for your support in sending along healthy lunches and the proper clothing!

SO ... How was school today? What did you learn?

This week, ask your child about ...

- How many page numbers they should read in our 20 minute period?

- What books have they finished? Any books they've abandoned?

- What is Kahoot?

- How are we using the i-pads everyday during our read aloud time

- FaceTime with Mr. Frederickson from the combine

- Our visit from Ms. Howland to learn about bee keeping

- Grade 3 - Decreasing Patterns

- Grade 4 - Using charts to extend patterns

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

September 28 - Terry Fox Pledge Forms Due

September 30 - Terry Fox Run/Walk at 2:00 P.M.

Interesting Link

In the spirit of the resiliency shown by the students at the cross-country meet, an article on building resilience in our children: