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By: Kaylah Harris 4/28/16

India is getting too hot

Over in India, the tempature is rising very high, and over 330 million people were impacted by it. Over in Orissa there were 55 heat related deaths, 45 heat related death in Andhra Pradesh. The temperature is getting to 113 degrees and higher, as the temperature is getting higher the dusty winds are more intense. From the heat lots of schools are shut down and some stores are shut down. People are handing out buttermilk and water to soothe their bodies.

Humans or the Animals

Is the climate change affecting us or the animals? The polar ice caps are melting rapidly, and the polar bears have nowhere to live except on a little ice block, and the polar bears in the hudson bay have nothing to eat and they are starving. The little animal called a pika lives on the mountain tops, but since the climate is changing it's forced to move higher and higher up, and the air content in to low for the pika to handle. For humans the air quality will decrease and the pollution will rise, because of the factories are letting out all the smoke. Once the ice melts in the will rise and cause more natural disasters. Like tsunamis, hurricanes and more.
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Are we getting sick?

Its getter hotter and hotter, around the world and the heat can spread lots of different kinds of diseases. The oceans are getting way warmer, and the higher altitudes can cause the cholera outbreak. The cholera outbreak is a diarrheal infection, it hits the immune system and it can be mild, or no symptoms. As the oceans gets warmer harmful bacteria will be in the seafood we eat. Some other diseases that are hard to protect is the vector-borne illness, and that is some sort of bite from a arthropod. (Crayfish,Crab,Crustacean). Also when the temperature rises the air will fill with pollution and it will be harder for some kids to breathe, kids who have asthma and some sort of illness.

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