El Salvador

By Katie De Leon Pd 3


El Salvador was controlled by Spain but gained independence on September 15, 1821 (Independence day for El Salvador). The official Language is Spanish but some western regions they speak nahua.


The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador four major cities are San Marcos, Apopa, Delgado, and Santa Tecla. People should visit because there are beautiful beaches, nice weather, open markets, and many great fun theme parks. Tourists should see the cathedral, volcanoes, and should go beach surfing maybe even join in a competition and try pupusas.

Geographical information

El Salvador is located in Central America west of Guatemala and north east of Honduras. Some physical features in El Salvador are the two active volcanoes: San Miguel and Izalco volcanoe. Limpia river which is the largest river in Central America, people use this river for water, irrigation, transportation, and more. Lastly there's a large mountain, Cerro el Pital.

Politics & Economics

El Salvador use to have the Colon as their currency from 1892-2001, They then switched to the U.S. dollar bills which is used today. El Salvador is a capitalist country and has the government of Republic. Their leader is President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

Fun Facts!

El Salvador's professional soccer team went to the FIFA World Cup twice.

El Salvador is known as "Land of volcanoes" because there are two active volcanoes. Lastly El Salvador's National bird is the torogoz (picture above to the right)