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Important Notes From Room 306

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June-Classroom Notes

Happy Spring. We are looking forward to many wonderful events throughout the remainder of the school year.

On Tuesday, June 9th 4th grade students will be attending the Annual Fourth and Fifth Grade Track and Field Event. Students have received information on the field trip in the backpacks. This is a great event. Students are encouraged to show their Bancroft School support by wearing our school colors, or a Bancroft shirt. Permission slips are due by, June 1st.

On Thursday, June 11th we will be having a Desert Animal presentation from Michelle’s Menagerie. Thanks to the hard work and fundraising events throughout the year, we are happy to share that the PTO is able to sponsor this event. If your student has sent in money for this event, it will be returned via backpack.

On Monday, June 15th we will be having an Animal Adaptation program with live birds from Windows on Wildlife. This event is sponsored by the Bancroft PTO.

On Friday, June 19th the fourth grade class will have their end of the year class celebration. Please keep you eye out for more details from room parents over the next few weeks. Ice cream order forms will be sent home next week. Please return order by June 5th.

Thank you so much for the support you give to our classroom

Upcoming Assignments/Tests

50 States Test

June 4th

Parent Volunteers

Please make sure to check with the office to ensure that an updated CORI form is filled out for the 2015-2016 school year.

Our Mystery Reader Schedule is Open for June

If you would like to come in to read to our class please let me know. Our Mystery Reader time is scheduled for "Mondays at 2:00". I am happy to work together to select another day and time if you are unable to make Mondays. Please send me an email if you would like to come in.

*An updated CORI must be complete with the office to come in for volunteer opportunities.

Homework Notes

Students are using an online math program called "Tenmarks". They are working on assignments that I make in class and should continue to finish for homework, 2-3 times per week as well. While they are practicing, your child will have access to hints if they get stuck, as well as a short video tutorial if they need more detailed explanation. Students are set up with their own individual account. They can access TenMarks from any computer to continue working on the program they are currently on, at their own pace.

Typing Web homework will continue this month. Students are expected to complete sessions 3-4 days per week. They can spend as much time as they like each session, with a minimum of 5 minutes. In order to advance to the next level students must receive a score of 20 words per minute and 90% or greater accuracy

Throughout the year students will be asked to refer to my class Quizlet account for important vocabulary words in our chapters in Science, Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts. Sets of words remain up throughout the year. This is a great resource to preview upcoming information with your student.

Each week students are required to complete their Reading Log and 20 sentences using their spelling words.

Students will bring home their logs on Monday. Both assignments are on one sheet, and are due on Friday.

The Reading Log counts as 4 homework assignments and the Spelling will count as 1. Please help to ensure that your student is returning these assignments.

If students forget a log, please have them return it on their next school day.

Additional logs can be found at my class site

Upcoming Dates

6/5-Half Day

6/9-Track and Field Day (Field Trip)-Rain date 6/10

Classroom Links and Accounts


CORI forms are required for anyone coming in for Mystery Reader, to volunteer during class activities, or to attend a field trip. Please ensure that your CORI form has been updated for this school year. In addition to filling out your form, you must present a photo ID to the office in person. If you have sent in your CORI to the classroom, it will be sent home via your students take home folder, so that you can complete this.